Risk Assessment

A large part of our business involves producing risk assessments for our clients. Much of this work is carried out on location, usually on technical recces or at the request of producers or location managers who need a safety survey of a proposed location. We are able to engage the services of specialists where required, for example asbestos, water quality or building safety advisors.


We provide risk assessments for both production management and crews on location. The latter uses an easy-read format which can be quickly scanned through and easily understood. These risk assessments are designed to be attached to daily call sheets, providing succinct and to the point information so crews can see at a glance the hazards and risk controls associated with a given location. We do not fill our risk assessments with legal jargon, or quote from legislation. We are well aware that this often introduces an undesirable level of apathy which can be counter-productive to safe working. We believe in giving people the right amount of information to make it easy to comply with safety requirements, thereby having a positive effect on safety culture and compliance.


Risk assessments can be produced at very short notice, with an on-site survey and rapidly produced report which can be e-mailed from the site to the production office within minutes, so short notice location changes or changes to filming plans can be accommodated and the risk assessment kept up to date.