About Action Safety

 Action Safety Ltd was established in 2006 by Jim Ranyard, a former staff member at Yorkshire Television in Leeds where he worked for 25 years in television and film production. Originally a member of the award winning YTV Film Department, Jim worked as a boom operator and sound recordist on a huge variety of productions in all genres, including documentary, drama, education, children’s television and news, features and current affairs. He also worked in sound, cameras, studios and held a management role in regional programmes looking after crews, equipment and daily news technical operations on the road including live news inserts, outside broadcast planning and supervision.


Action Safety Ltd provides health and safety services, training and advice for the film, television, theatre and entertainments industries. Drawing on Jim’s forty-five years of production experience and utilising the services of many highly experienced professionals from the television and film industry we ensure the best possible service is given to clients at the most reasonable rates.

Our aim is to assist productions, production companies and individuals in carrying out their health and safety duties competently and adequately, producing only relevant paperwork with a minimum of disruption to the production process. Everyone involved  in a production from the top downwards must take adequate steps to minimise the risk of harm to themselves and others while at work. We believe that health and safety activity can be included in the daily routine without making it into a big deal, while at the same time reducing the risk of accidents and ill health at work and fulfilling the requirements of the law.


Our documents are succinct and user friendly, without all the unnecessary gobble-de-gook often seen on some health and safety paperwork. They contain only relevant information and that which is required by health & safety law, not pages and pages of unessential trivia in order to justify a high cost (all our charges are reasonable!). We strive to enable all persons involved in a production to work safely and within the law while not over-burdening them with legislation and unnecessary restrictions. We understand budgetry constraints and aim to balance the needs of the production with current legislation and best practice, advising our clients where compromises can and can’t be made.

Safety in film and television production is in the spotlight – don’t get caught out.

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