Action Safety Ltd

Health & Safety services for the film and television industry


How we can help your production

Risk Assessment

A large part of our business involves producing risk assessments for our clients. Much of this work is carried out on location, usually on technical recces or at the request of producers or location managers who need a safety survey of a proposed location. All our risk assessments are designed to be as user friendly as possible, in plain english (no incomprehensible legal terms and risk matrices)

Risk assessments can be produced at very short notice, with an on-site survey and rapidly produced report which can be sent digitally from the site or our offices to the production office within minutes, so short notice location changes or changes to filming plans can be easily accommodated and the risk assessment kept up to date.

Since 2007 we have produced over 10,000 location risk assessments and are well known to broadcasters including the BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Sky, Channel 5 and several overseas based broadcasters.


Location Safety

Sometimes it is helpful to have a safety advisor on location, for example on big stunt or special effects days, where there are a lot of supporting artists or members of the public present, or where multiple serious health and safety risks are present. Action Safety can provide an experienced advisor or specialist safety worker for your production activities. We draw from a range of expert contacts throughout the film, television and entertainments industries and aim to match the person to the job. For example, if you need a fire safety team or water safety team we can provide them.

Work for our clients ranges from a couple of hours to cover for the full production – everyone’s needs are different so we don’t adopt a ‘one size fits all’ approach. Please feel free to call and discuss your requirements.

In the last few years we have helped out many productions with Covid safety, providing Covid protocols, situation updates and practical solutions to working during the pandemic. We helped pioneer the use of on-site Covid testing systems including rapid PCR testing labs.

Safety Management

The management of health and safety in a company can be a time consuming process, taking valuable creative time away from you. Policies, contractor vetting, risk assessment, training, monitoring and other tasks can all eat into your budgets and staff’s time. Because of this, safety management issues often get sidelined or forgotten by some companies, leaving them wide open to problems in the event of accidents or incidents.

Action Safety can carry out a lot of this work for you, and help you to develop a suitable health and safety management system. By working with your managers and employees we aim to ensure the essentials are carried out in a low profile and efficient way, freeing up valuable time so you can get on with making your film or programme. We are able to engage the services of specialists where required, for example asbestos, water quality or building safety advisors.

We don’t charge expensive retainer fees – simply a daily or hourly rate for work carried out, and free advice for all production personnel during the shoot (no excessive charges for answering the phone!)